While organizing all the photos from my trip I realized that I could have posts for months if I were to have separate posts for each category. As a result, the post today includes a slew of photos I took here and there while adventuring in Montreal. There are still many posts to come. Hehe. I hope you are enjoying them!! 

Elyse and I were strolling along a mostly deserted Rue Prince-Arthur and saw this beautiful mural / Elyse et moi étions en train de flâner dans la rue quasi-deserte de Prince-Arthur et avons vu cette magnifique muraille. 

Old buildings like these are everywhere in sight. I love it! / On voit des vieux bâtiments partout. J’adore ça! 

There were flocks of birds perched in the trees here, which made the “wings” sign very fitting. We tried to get the birds to fly out of the trees so I could capture the birds’ wings but all we got were the judging stares of the passerby wondering why we were clapping and running around like headless chickens. Good times!

Le Devoir and a green tree / Le Devoir et un arbre vert 

Le metro 

Serpentine stairs / Escaliers serpentins

One of Emilie-Anne and Stéphane’s friends was playing a trumpet duet during a school symphony program at La Place des Arts and he gave us free entry to hear him. We sat against the wall at the far back of the room but it was definitely worth hearing the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal (OSM) and the trumpet duet. 

 Il y avait, dans un couloir à La Place des Arts, un mur mosaïque d’animations variées fort intéressantes. Les animations démontraient les différentes disciplines artistiques qui sont présentées à La Place des Arts. Quelle belle idée!

We spent quite a while contemplating each animation on this mosaic wall of animations in a passage way at La Place des Arts. Here’s Stéphane and I admiring a close-up animation of an eye. 

Elyse, Em and I had to stop here to take a photo amongst the fleur de lys’. There’s nothing nicer than a field of fleur de lys’ amirite people? 

En parlant de la fleur de lys, les Rendez-vous de la Francophonie ont débuté vendredi partout au Canada. Allez voir le http://www.rvf.ca pour connaître les activités organisées dans votre province ou territoire du 4 au 20 mars. Vive la francophonie Canadienne!