What a wild week it has been! Juggling Western Canadian Fashion Week and end of the year projects was not easy but there’s no question that it kept me busy and having fun… for the most part. 

My friend Brittany Gora was at my side for most of the week and I must say the girl leaves me wishing I had more time to shop. Look at the rings she’s wearing. I especially like the transformer-like ring on her left hand.  

And more rings… I love the two-finger cross ring. The bottom hand is Jessica’s. She also studies with Brittany and I. She was one of the amazing volunteers that helped out during fashion week. 

Here’s Brittany and I getting a model to take a photo of us. Oh the irony! 

Being silly

Being beautiful 

Being… me? Haha

Me with the stunning Sandra Sandra Sing Fernandes, Creative Director of WCFW

More shots of my friend the fashionista

My runway photos will be published in The Gateway this coming week so for those of you who can get your hands on a copy, please do! :) I’ll also post a link here for the online version. 

Below is a photog being a goof during the dress rehearsal. 

Photographers: Me and Brittany