Oslo Calgary in the Summertime

Approximately three hours away from Edmonton, there is a city. This city was alive. This city was full of young folks in plaid shirts and cropped t-shirts, their bright eyes hidden behind dark Ray Ban sunglasses. These people were music lovers. They stood in line to watch their favourite bands perform in bars, churches and plazas. These were curious ladies and gentlemen, that tried their luck waiting in line to hear music they had never heard before in hopes of stumbling upon something great. Some individuals were here for four days, while others came for one. But, why was this beautiful crowd in this city?

Sled Island 2011 in Calgary, Alberta 

After The Dandy Warhols’ set at the Olympic Plaza, I had the courage to weasel my way through a group of festival goers to reach the second row with my camera and my new lens for Of Montreal’s show. This was fantastic as not only did I get some great shots of the show but I also got to touch both Kevin Barnes as he jumped into the crowd right where I was standing and The Late B.P. Helium’s wing as he stood at arms length away from me. It might sound odd to be as excited for something so futile but I’ve idolized Kevin Barnes since I was in a band in high school. This was a big moment in my life. Have a look at him below in my favourite shots.

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Lo, myself and Natalie in our festival attire