These pictures of dye baths just didn’t seem interesting enough by themselves so I tried something new today. I need to stop looking at it now though… 

Let me show you some of the steps to follow when Batik dyeing fabric. 

First you’ll need washed cotton! Than Procion MX dye.

There are a tonne of different recipes possible for the amount of dye, salt and soda ash you need to use to dye so I won’t actually get into that. But, if you do want more info just ask me. I’d gladly tell you what my recipes were. 

After dyeing you have to let your fabric dry before applying wax on the parts of your fabric you want to remain yellow. 

Waxy pieces… 

My second dye bath was pale turquoise. When choosing your colours it’s important to plan them out because the colours will blend and make a new colour. 

Yellow and pale turquoise make a pale green 

My third dye bath was dark turquoise. Notice the cracks in the wax? Those are important to create the Batik effect on the end fabric. 

My final dye colour was scarlet red. Red and green are complementary colours so dyeing the red last makes a brownish colour. 

At least 5hrs later, I’m all done dyeing and waxing. After I dry the fabric I can now iron out the wax. In class we have specific irons for that because the wax gets all over the iron. When ironing out the wax, you have to use newsprint paper to absorb the wax. I’m sorry to all the trees I killed doing that… dyeing fabrics really isn’t eco-friendly. Sadly. 

After all the wax was out and the pieces were dry, my mom was a dear and sewed a laptop bag for me. I can’t wait to get it back so I can use it! 

Do you guys like it?