One of the reasons why I was excited to go to Montreal was to shop. Though, while shopping, I quickly realized that it wasn’t really worth it to buy things that I could possibly easily find in Edmonton when they have 14.5% tax on everything. I was able to find a few items that I loved while shopping on la rue Saint-Laurent. Have a look!

Kooka might be my favourite store on this street. All their items are very reasonably priced, adorable and trendy. 

I bought these oversized anchor earrings that I adore!

Vintage stores are as common in Montreal as Starbucks’ in Seattle. We had a blast trying all sorts of funny garments and hats in each Friperie.

Comical items aside, I found an awesome brown shoulder bag at Friperie St-Laurent. A much more practical sac-à-dos for carrying textbooks, notebooks and lunches around while at school. [I used to use my oversized purse… yup, I was that girl. Not anymore though. Woot!] 

Here I am all proud and rejoicing over the bag in front of the store. 

Close-up of the bag… 

Emilie-Anne took some pretty sweet photos of me looking like sort of pro street photographer. Pshh… no big. Merci Em!