One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about Quebec has to be poutine. The gravy laden greasy fries topped with mountains of salty cheese curds, is one of the most delicious meals to ever pass one’s lips. Necessarily, we had poutine twice in the span of six days. Which, if you think about it, isn’t all that much at all. 

We ended up in PatatiPatata by accident as we were very desperate for a place to hang out and had already walked the whole of rue Saint-Laurent without finding anything that was all that interesting to us. It turned out to be quite a cozy little space to drink a pitcher of beer and stuff ourselves with poutine. We were all very impressed by the inexpensive items on the menu. 

I shot this photo the next day

They even decorated the poutine with an olive! 

Cheers! (Photo borrowed from my friend) 

Next was La Banquise! This place is a must after a night out. It is open 24hrs!! 

We ordered an original poutine (left) as well as one topped with three types of meat (right). We thought we’d try the latter for fun. Elyse and Em certainly look to be excited about them. Stéphane and I were also pretty delighted but you just can’t see us… obviously. 

Ps. I’m hoping that La Poutine will be opening soon in Edmonton and that it lives up to my high expectations.