My dad brought my 50mm F1.8 lens home on Wednesday and now all I want to do is take photos all day. Here are a few things I’ve shot thus far. 

I’m counting down the days till I hop on the plane and fly to France for the first time ever with a group of wonderful choir folk for a Tour de France. I went shopping on Tuesday for said trip and found some really cute notebooks at Anthropologie that seemed perfect for jotting down thoughts on my trip - I <3 journals. I thought that I could surely make these myself, paint the cover for a personal touch and save $16.

Here’s my favourite cover that I painted. 

I feel slightly nerdy about this next photo but I have to share it. I was gifted this amazing water filtering bottle for my birthday last week and it has been my best friend ever since. I’ve been drinking almost 2L of water a day because it’s so easy to drink it with the straw. I highly recommend it!  

I spent the day making a Summer ‘11 To Do list but instead of writing the list down with words I drew pictures. 

I blew bubbles while I thought of items to add to the list… 

And took photos of lamps… 

With no more Spring classes and with a nighttime job, I’ve been spending my mornings wrapped in my white duvet cover with the window ajar to let in the morning breeze and to let the sun stream into my bedroom. Such glorious mornings! 

How are you enjoying your summer?