Meese's pieces

I promised a preview of a few garments that are hanging daintily in Meese’s new downtown Edmonton location. Vanessa Reis modeled most of the beautiful pieces for me and was great! Thanks Vanessa! :) 

I linked all the designers of the pieces for your enjoyment! There are tons more and you can also find those on Meese’s website. I hope this convinces you to go shop! 

Ps. I forgot to mention in this post that the tie-dye shirt is designed by Cinder + Smoke

Eve Gravel 

Sessa Wearables 

A close-up shot so you can see the beautiful lace detail on the dress

Cozy Preloved that is perfect for the coming cold winter months  

The blend of knitting techniques make Preloved so unique 

More Preloved 

Here’s the back of the above photo. Isn’t it great how different one shirt can look from front to back?! 

As you can tell I am not meant to model but here’s my favourite preloved dress. The colours are perfect for this season. It is the sweetheart detailing that I love the most, it is such a great way to create a flattering and young shape to this type of dress. 

I paired this belt with the Preloved dress (it was actually Vanessa’s idea). This is its back view. Look how huge the zipper is! Check out Brave Beltworks website they have a whole load of other wonderful items.