I promised a while ago I’d share what I’ve been busy creating in the past few weeks.  

It involves mixing CMYK ink into a rainbow of colours. 

This is Mary. How amazing is her blazing orange hair? It suits her personality perfectly, that’s for sure. Here you can see her carefully applying Gutta on her silk. 

And here’s Sasa cautiously painting the flowers on his piece of silk. 

He then used a salt technique to create an interesting effect on the fabric. 

Those small pieces of silk were meant to give us the opportunity to practice painting on silk. Instead of showing you my test piece I’ve decided to display my final project. It’s without a doubt my favourite work from this class this semester. 

After seeing this on Tumblr, I decided to rework it for my silk scarf project. I spent countless hours mixing ink in CMYK to create as many colours as I could. I actually had so much fun doing it. 

In order to hide the glitches from the ink leaks, I painted the white spots in black. 

Here’s how it turned out. What do you think? Maybe I’ll get someone to model it when it’s in my possession so you guys can see it worn.