Here are some attempts at shooting the outfit I wore on Saturday night. My goal was to show you that I wore my new shoes. So far they have been good to my feet, but the truth is that I only wore them on Saturday night when I was at the Varscona Theatre to see Women Who Steal by Carter Lewis. So I have yet to see how my feet will handle them on longer treks. 

Now, I have to thank VueWeekly for the tickets to the show. I won their season prize package contest this summer, which was and is amazing. I have a ton of theatre events and restaurant gift certificates to keep me busy till next summer. Women Who Steal was the first show for Shadow Theatre’s 2010/11 season, for which I have 2 season tickets. Check out their site and let me know if you would like to join me next time. 

Although the play seemed to be geared towards an older adult audience, I thought that it was quite hilarious. The actors played their characters phenomenally well, bringing out stereotypical personalities. My favourite was the character who played a sort of hick. His costume was perfect. He had cowboy boots, tight Levi jeans, a checkered shirt over his beer belly, and a cap pulled down over a mullet. But it doesn’t stop there, because he put on an accent that got my knee red from slapping it so hard. 

All in all, it made for a truly enjoyable evening out. I highly recommend Shadow Theatre’s season to every one of you! 

Scarf: From a booth at the teacher’s convention my maman went to

Long-sleeved black shirt: Dynamite 

Trousers: Zara 

Belt: Zara 

Jacket: Forever XXI 

Shoes: Gravity Pope

Glasses: MDO opticians in St. Albert