Have you ever tasted Montreal bagels made in wood fired ovens? They are the most delicious of bagels, especially when you get them fresh out the oven! Oh the memories. When I was in Montreal back in February I got to try bagels from both of the stores where they are available; Fairmont Bagel Bakery and St. Viateur. I can’t tell you which was better tasting but each store has a unique atmosphere that is worth experiencing. 

Fairmount bagel is not the ideal location for the claustrophobic. You must meander your way through the labyrinth of bagel baskets stacked as high as the ceiling just to get to the counter to order some bagels. 

Over the counter you can admire the bakers rolling and baking the bagels skillfully. 

This man coats the bagel dough in sesame seeds and places the coated bagles on long wooden planks and slides them into the wood fired oven. 

There are no places to sit in Fairmount so we headed over to the St. Viateur café to enjoy a bagel brunch. 

I ordered chocolate cream cheese with a sesame bagel and a coffee. If only I could eat this every morning. Yumm! 

Emilie-Anne got hummus spread for her bagel

Stéphane munches on a poppyseed bagel with salmon cream cheese. 


There is word going around that the Tree Stone Bakery in Edmonton is installing a wood fired oven to make Montreal-style bagels. I’m hoping that this will actually happen. Has anyone heard any news on this lately?