Have a listen to a short video that I took during the show. Although her voice was slightly raspy she managed to sing her heart out and send shivers up our spines. 

Day 18: Country Concert Clothing

My eyes filled with sequins and plaid as the phenomenal voice of the stunning Carrie Underwood resonated in my ears tonight at Edmonton’s Rexall Place concert.

I am not a country girl by all means and I certainly do not dress like a country girl so getting dressed for the show tonight was a task. Every show that I have attended, I notice that people dress up in similar styles, usually adhering to the band or singer’s style. Dressing up for concerts is fun so I asked myself a few questions before deciding what to wear. Is everyone going to wear cowboy hats and boots? Should I wear a plaid shirt and jeans? I have most of these items at home for various cowboyish events and thus these were options. In the end I decided on a sparkly black and white plaid and houndstooth scarf with a black cardigan, jeans and my brown booties heels. I balanced my style with country-like accesories. 

Here is Elyse’s rendition of country concert attire. A cute plaid shirt dress, skinny jeans and a pair of brown boots. 

Each spectator was able to get a closer glimpse at the beautiful and talented American Idol winner as she sang on a revolving pickup truck suspended from the Rexall Place Stadium ceiling. 

She made about six wardrobe changes: a sequined tailcoat, a crinoline skirt with a denim top, a beautiful black and gold sequined dress, an LED gown, a purple satin gathered dress and finally a red tailcoat. Not only were her accessories well paired with her outfits but her microphones also coordonated perfectly with each look. 

Underwood just recently married a Canadian beau and she certainly did not forget to flaunt the large rock on her left hand. It shined and glimmered almost as much as the sequins on her garments. In fact, I am surprised that it did not burn a hole through some people’s retinas.