Graham's pants

Who is hiding behind this head of dreads? Graham Petit is his name. He is a French boy with a heart for travel. One of his favourite trips was to Senegal, a place for which he has a multitude of extraordinary and fond memories. Graham has found a great way to reminisce,  that is, by wearing the pants seen below. 

Apart from the joy of memories rekindled by wearing the pants, Graham adores them for their unconditional comfort. 

Although the pants may be foreign to the cold Canadian climate, Graham loves to see people’s reactions to the pants in this part of the world.

I have heard people speak of cross-cultural influences in terms of fashion. Many immigrants must face this when moving to Canada, and thus lose a part of their cultural identity. That being said, I give Graham a gold star for being himself, comfortably expressing his own style, and not giving into North American trends. 

If you are wondering where one can purchase said pants, Graham advises that a trip to Senegal or a Senegalese great aunt would do the trick. Otherwise, he has never attempted to purchase them online though he believes that you surely could. 

The first set of photos were taken outside la Cité Francophone for Graham’s submission for Polyfonik 22. (He made it in!)  Check out my post on Polyfonik 21 to see what Polyfonik is all about. Have a listen to his band Mankoo Vibration for a taste of his music. 

The second set of photos were also taken at la Cité Francophone, but this time it was during la Petite Scène. Every Friday, French-speaking people are invited to come have a drink and chat with friends while listening to live music. I encourage all of you worried of losing those last few words of French that you have managed to remember from high school to attend la Petite Scène. It is a wonderful way to practice your French and experience the culture.  

Lastly, if you have a favourite garment that you love to wear almost daily here is something special for you. The Style section of the Edmonton Journal wants to hear about that piece of clothing for a contest! The contest runs till December 1st, that’s this coming Wednesday, so hurry and enter here for your chance to win some amazing prizes!