Ghostly Beauties

My friend Sam Brooks and I discussed doing a nighttime photo shoot one day after I was clicking through his Flickr photos and stumbled upon some really interesting shots and wanted to try similar lighting techniques too. We finally got together on the 11th and brought Brittany Gora and two of her friends along to model for us. Thank you Michelle Hauer and Alyssa Barker. 

The following are a mix of Sam’s, Brittany’s and my photos taken with an Olympus E-3 and a Rebel Canon T2i. 

Just for fun, I chose a song to accompany each photo to go with our ghostly theme. Click on the photo to listen to the songs. 


Welcome Ghosts - Explosions in the Sky

Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts - Wolf Parade

So Haunted - Cut Copy 

Ghost Song - Air 

Weighty Ghost - Wintersleep 

Ghost Under Rocks - Ra Ra Riot 

Wait & See - Holy Ghost! 

Ghost Trains - Erlend Oye

Tuff Ghost - The Unicorns