Do you remember that student in high school that always stood out of the crowd of jeans and t-shirts because of their unconventional taste in clothing? For the duration of my high school years that was Rachelle Bugeaud. She wasn’t loud and she didn’t demand attention, but her tall and slender figure did not shy away from being different. I was envious of her confidence and carefree demeanour. It appears that Rachelle’s approach to style hasn’t changed. When I met up with her on Tuesday to shoot her in and near her second home, the Industrial Design building at the University of Alberta, it wasn’t surprising to find her wearing a very well styled outfit.

When asked about each item, chuckling she tells me that her shirt is actually a boy’s robe thrifted from Value Village. Her boots and trousers were bought in Germany during a study and internship program with the Deutsche Akademischer Austausch Dienst last year. In reflecting on her year in Germany she is very grateful for the experience because it opened up her mind to a new philosophy of design. This, she believes, will be advantageous to her future career if she hopes to design for a wider gamut of people. She highly recommends studying abroad to students in a creative field. 

With regard to shopping while in Germany, Rachelle loved H&M, Zara and Vero Moda. Although we have a few of these stores in Edmonton, she noticed recently while shopping at the H&M in Edmonton that there were pieces from last summer’s collection in Germany. It appears that we are a little behind here.

What she loved the most about shopping in Germany was being able to peruse the stores on the street in rain or shine rather than in a stuffy mall. That does sound rather lovely!

If you would like to know more about Rachelle’s design perspective and inspirations, have a look at her blog here.