Day nine: What Cowl Is This? 

I can now say goodbye to runny noses and frost bitten ears by welcoming into my winter life my handmade Giles Deacon inspired cowl knit scarf. My rendition is fairly smaller but huge nonetheless. I cannot imagine having more wool around my neck. Make sure you have a look at the detail in the last photo of this post. I am ecstatic about how it looks and how warm it is. 

Thanks to the lovely women at River City Yarns in Edmonton I was able to complete my scarf. They were so helpful and so delighted by my idea. I mean, knitting a scarf with 25mm needles beside a group of others using 5mm needles made me look a tad out of place. The baffled stare I kept receiving from the woman sitting across the table from me especially made me chuckle. 

The illusionistic leggings in the photos are my new ones from Holt Renfrew that I wrote about two days ago. 

Stay warm readers! I hear there are some nasty winter snow storms envisaged for the next few days. Brrr! 

Ps. I am currently working on a knitting project for a Christmas present. It is a great study break activity. 

Photos by: Justin Damer