Day 30: Treasured Travels of 2010

As you now know, I travelled to Vancouver this year for the Olympics but this isn’t the only place that I set foot on. I started the year by hopping on a bus and on to Golden BC for a ski trip. Next was Vancouver and after being homebound for a seemingly long time I travelled to the Yukon for weekend meetings. 

If you click on the photo you can see more photos of my adventure up North. It really is a gorgeous Territory with delicious food. Here I am sitting on top of the world, aka Grey Mountain. 

The following weekend my parents and I made a road trip to Kananaskis to cycle in the mountains. It was so beautiful! We are heading their in a few days to cross-country ski. I cannot wait to see K-country in a different light and to get tons of fresh air. 

Here’s me taking a break from cycling to take in the gorgeous view. 

I meant to show you guys these photos before but somehow I forgot to. They are my “how to be fashionable, comfortable and warm while camping” photos. Basically the trick is to pile on the layers, wear two pairs of socks and stay by the fire. 

I thought this would be the end of my travels for the year but the opportunity arose to take the FJA GM’s spot for a meeting in Ottawa in September. I packed a small suitcase and flew down there with the President of the association. The meetings were great, I met new people and was reacquainted with old friends and had the pleasure to see the city with my 20 year old eyes rather than my 13 year old ones. 

Here’s a shot I took of the Parliament on a gorgeous September day. 

Here’s to hoping that 2011 will bring even more exciting travelling opportunities! I guess I already know that it will because I am participating in a very special choir tour in the summer that I will talk to you about later.

What was your favourite travel destination this year?