Day 29: Favourite Event of 2010 

By far the greatest event of 2010 was having the opportunity to volunteer at La Place de la Francophonie at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. I met and saw so many people and attended a number of shows every night. It was truly invigorating. 

I got to wear this lovely red vest whilst volunteering. I tried to remain stylish with my snood scarf. Although it looks like I am enjoying Swish cheese in the Swiss Alps, this was just a backdrop.  

This next photo is of embarrassingly bad quality but I had to show you nonetheless. As a Franco-Albertain youth representative at the Olympics, I was invited to a VIP event at the Alberta House one evening. The entire Gretzky family unexpectedly arrived, causing me to choke on my champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Here’s my shaky attempt at photographing him. 

We bumped into or rather dived into Alexandre Despatie, a Canadian Summer Olympic diver, while walking around our volunteering site. 

One of my favourite activities of all time is going to a show and dancing like a fool with good friends. Luckily, every night, us volunteers would attend show(s). Two of my favourite bands performed during that week. 

Check out Misteur Valaire’s amazing matching fur-collared vests. Very appropriate for the Olympics. You can download their album here. The four synths in the photo are a dead giveaway to their electronica sound. 

Next up is Acadian-Electro-Rap trio Radio Radio. They never fail to bring out the little rapper chick within me with their catchy lyrics and beats.

I was asked to help at their afterparty event… glamorous I know. It was actually really rad because I was able to meet them and a few other big name francophone bands. 

The guys in Radio Radio are rather stylish as well. I am convinced that they started the whole deckshoe craze with Dekshoo (click the word).  

It may seem like all I did was wander around searching for stars but that isn’t completely true. We had the opportunity to cheer on the Canadian women’s curling team battling Japan. We won! 

This is but an overview of my voyage to Vancouver for the Olympics. I could go on for days about my experience. If you are interested in knowing more about my daily Olympic occurrences, I posted a log of my daily events here (NB. It is written in French). 

Photos by me before I had a quality camera.