Day 24: That’s a wrap 

The presents are wrapped, decorations hang on the mantel, the tree stands tall and proud, goodies are baked and the scent of Christmas is in the air. I have not yet decided what I will be wearing tonight for Christmas Eve mass and for our family’s réveillon. The réveillon is a French-Canadian tradition of eating a late dinner of tourtière (meat pie), cheeses and a panoply of desserts. Wine is served and the laughs and conversations linger early into the morning. 

To be extra ecological and original, I wrapped all my gifts in leftover scraps of fabric. It was a great way to save money and preserve nature’s trees. Gift receivers will no longer complain about getting paper cuts whilst opening their fleece enveloped goods. I used some tape just to ensure that the objects would not decide to unwrap themselves. 

Oh and just for fun, here is a little game for you. 

Can you spot the cookie who loves Movember even in December? 


MERRY CHRISTMAS!! You are all amazing! :D