Day 20: Can’t you see I’m eating my cookie

My maman baked gingerbread men tonight whilst I lay on the divan in dream land. I had my last final exam today which meant that last evening lacked Zs. The smell of molasses slowly brought me back to life on time to dress the little men up. That and sneaking an M&M or two in my mouth when maman’s not watching. What are your favourite Christmas goodies? 

The next few days will be packed with Christmas fun and hectic scrambling to purchase gifts for all the lovely people in my life. Exams devoured all my shopping time. If worse comes to worse, I could just wrap little pieces of coal for everyone just to be ironic. You are probably all putting me to shame with your excellent time management skills and are likely thinking: “Julianna, I did my shopping back in November, what were you doing then?” You live and you learn right? 

Ok, it is time for me to jet. I leave you now with a few outdoor scenes from my Sunday afternoon escapade in my backyard. Winter is beautiful, let’s face it!