DAY 16: Unique 

I took the opportunity to capture these two lovely ladies after our exam today in their wonderful winter attire. Their trick, I believe, is being extremely talented at vintage shopping. They inform me that they often peruse the array of gems at the Old Strathcona Antique Mall. Although I have not yet been to said mall, I am thoroughly convinced that it is well worth visiting. 

Let me introduce you to Holly and Lauren. Here they are in their warm winter garb. 

Lauren purchased this fantastic fur hat at the Antique Mall. Its selling point, she recounts, was the tiny pompom on the top. Adorable. 

I love Holly’s red Steve Zissou-esque tuque. The scarf was handmade by herself. It is nice in the photo but in person it is like a wool marshmallow. Amazing! 

On the way back home I snapped a few nature shots. The snow makes everything so beautiful and mystical. I wish that my body could withstand the cold longer so that I could lay in the snow all day and catch the falling snowflakes on my tongue.