DAY 11: She Sells Sea Shells 

I found a jewelry gem at the Handmade Mafia today. Her name is Tory Culen and she’s the designer behind Karma Victoria Designs. She creates a beautiful array of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and clips. 

She told me that she will be moving to Australia soon. Lucky girl! Look at her adorable fedora! She totally fits into my image of a laid-back Australian hanging out by the beach with some friends. There would definitely be a tanned young man there playing guitar as well. Oh the life! 

These shell earrings are a perfect alternative to the real Australian seashore. Put them close enough to your ears and you might actually hear the ocean. 

The Handmade Mafia is over now but do not fret, you can purchase these accessories at Red Ribbon located in Downtown Edmonton. It is always good to find more local stores to frolic in. Yes, shopping can be that much fun! 

Natalie scavenged these black and white earrings. She later informed me that she also loved how they look with her hair down. 

One salesman gave each of us cute Yuletide hair clips. At first we were a tad skeptical of the plastic ornament but in retrospect, I quite like it in Natalie’s dark brown locks.