Books, films, tea and warmer weather

C.R.A.Z.Y. is my favourite film of all time so when I saw this poster at La Banquise, I had to dorkishly pose in front of it! Note the joy in my face and extremely awkward poses by both Em and I. Haha! 

My goal for the rest of the trip was to find this beloved movie in Montreal somewhere. To my excitement, I found it while rummaging through one of the used bookstores. I cannot wait to have time to watching it again and again! Take a look at the Trailer here

In the below Librarie it was funny to see us all scurry to our respective sections of current studies. Elyse explored the psychology books as Stéphane and Em looked through music history books and music transcripts and the like. I had a small portion of a bookshelf of fashion-related books to scan. I did find two books one of which is the story of YSL and Karl Lagerfeld titled Beautiful People. Contrary to the titles suggestion, it is written in French and a very beautifully at that. 

I thought appropriate to add some photos of this Chinese tea shop that we went to in Le Vieux Montréal. There, I bought a bag of loose-leaf lychee tea. I wish I could spare some time to just sit on a really comfortable couch, read my new books or watch my movie and sip lychee tea. 

I might not be able to do the above activity but I must be appreciative of the fact that it was warm enough today to go outside wearing only a light sweater. It’s finally getting warmer! Let’s just hope that it stays that way. 

Photos taken by me. Montreal 2011