Angélique Chmielewski - Western Canada Fashion Week

Angélique Chmielewski… la pièce de resistance of fashion week. The one collection I could imagine wearing in its entirety. The skirts draped flawlessly, the suits were tailored impeccably and the jackets were simply perfect. This young designer can do no wrong it seems. 

Also, knee highs with skirts and dresses is definitely something I will be wearing more of. People often connect the two to a school girl look and they turn away from them. As long as you don’t wear your knee highs with a pleated plaid skirt, this shouldn’t be a problem. The photos below demonstrate some fantastic ways to wear them. Just try, they are serious fun!  

Ps. Huge thanks to Danielle Fuechtmann for the wicked front row seats! I had a great time being a blogger this year. Getting to chat with fellow bloggers about the collections as the models walked past us on the runway was a mega highlight. 





Angélique Chmielewski with WCFW Creative Director Sandra Sing Fernandes. 

[Photos: me]