A moose is on the loose

Last month part of Meese, hence the moose analogy, in St. Albert travelled to downtown Edmonton to fill a brand new boutique on 124th street. 

Although the grand opening was on October 15th, this week is in fact quite appropriate to post about it. Why is that you ask? It is Shop Local First month. That means go shop at Meese, especially all of you lovely Edmontonians who have never been fortunate enough to step foot or hoof in the St. Albert location. 

Here are a few snapshots of their new store! Check it out in person though, it’s enchanting! 

They have wonderful lighting fixtures 

That’s Tressa on the right, she’s one of the owners of Meese and is the designer of their Sessa Wearables’ line. She’s chatting with two other designers that also sell some merchandise in the store. 

This is Vanessa, she was amazing and modeled some clothes for me. I will post the photos in a blog post to come. Look out for it! 

These old suitcases lead me to wish that I was born a long time ago when people travelled by train. 

I saw this marvelous hand-painted purse at the Meese fall fashion show this year and had to take another photo of it. Isn’t it great? 

These armoires in the change rooms are fantastic and are in perfect harmony with the rustic, antique and Canadian vibe of the entire store. I picture this particular garde-robe deep in the woods where the Meese live. My imagination is running wild… in the Canadian wilderness?! 

Upon entering this change room I had to ask “mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” It answered Meese. I agree.